7 days to go (praise and prayer)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

7 days of NaNoWriMo to go. That is my Praise and Prayer.
It's a praise, because Well...
-I'll be blogging more
-It's almost december which = snow!
-I can start editing my book soon
-I can finally get back to photography
-I'll be FREE!!! Well, almost ;)

It's a prayer because...
-I still have 7 days to go!
-I've got the rest of the blog planned out day by day, let's just hope it works!
-I hope I'll get my words done during the holiday weekend!!

*sigh* I love writing. I just love it!!

I also love reading... Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, The bible, my novel Maggie Blake, I love all of it.

*shrugs* life couldn't be better, I'm thankful for that ;)


  1. Hang in there! You're ALMOST done! :D

  2. well i'll pray for these last 7 days to be smoothe sailing! :)

    and i was wondering if you would be interested in going in and changing my posts and sidebar titles to a cuter font. if so, email me at castingcrownsgirl33@hotmail.com! i'd really appreciate it!

    anna :)

  3. Ooh Meghan you're almost there! :)

    I found your blog through Hope's blog, and love it. The title is so cute! :) Also, I saw your after-thanksgiving-header, I love that quote by Britt Nicole. :)

    Well...I'm now following and will definitely be back. :)



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