5 Days to go!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

I totally cannot believe that it's actually thanksgiving. I also can't believe that I actually got my word count done for today! ;)

All the food was completely amazing, especially the ham, which is my favorite :)

As of NaNoWriMo I have 8,286 words until 50,000!!! 
NaNo has been a great experience for me, it's totally amazing! I can't wait to edit, plus I've gotten tons of ideas for other books that I've been just itching to start... Here are some of my ideas:

Which would be about a girl who doesn't have any friends and her journey of learning to accept herself, accept other people, be accepted by others, and then learn that God has accepted her ever since the day she was born. 

Which would be about a kid in a foreign country that is always hungry. And it will also talk about how much better off we are here in America. And I'll probably have missionaries come to the kid and give him/her hope. (anyone that has been on a mission trip and has met starving kids, please e-mail me at jennaandme[at]gmail[dot]com if you wouldn't mind answering some questions. I'd love you forever if you did!)

Which would be about those little voices in your head that keep telling you that you're worthless and you can't do anything, and about a girl who over comes them. (somewhat like Accepted, so I might combine them... not sure.)

Yeah, I'm very excited about what will happen after NaNo is over!!

I can't wait until it snows!!! (Picture is from last year... it was taken out a window.)

btw, not that you know anything that I'm talking about here... but this is my final 7 days outline for NaNoWriMo:

Outline - last 7 days
7 to go: Ben’s life
6 to go: Sam’s life
5 to go: Peter’s life
4 to go: Will’s life
3 to go: Maggie’s life again
2 to go: together @ Maggie’s
1 to go: At school
0 to go: Epilogue 

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  1. Congrats on being so close to finishing your 50,000! Keep it up! :) Those sounds like good book topics! :) Nice photo!


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