Yes, it's fall

Monday, October 4, 2010

I wake up like a normal person, and instantly freeze. I go down stairs to inform my mom of my coldness. She tells me that the heat is on. This makes me shiver even more. Because it reminds me that if my room is cold now, at the beginning of fall, just think of what it will be like in the winter. 

So, I go straight for my first of the year daily hot chocolate. Yes. In the winter I usually have a daily hot chocolate, because I don't like coffee. Now I'm having it in the fall too!

Judging by the coldness of today I decide that, Yes, it's actually fall.... Or is it?
I go outside to take my Fall Modest Fashion Showcase pictures and...
Violets? The flower that we usually only get in the beginning of spring is coming up in the fall... 

Well, okay. Anyway, Here are my pictures for the Modest Fashion Showcase:

Shirt: 2010 Camp shirt
Jeans: lei
Shoes: Champion 
Necklace: I made it


  1. Mm I love my hot chocolate in the cold weather too! I tend to drink more coffee though. :) I love your necklace.. its so pretty!!

  2. Yum! Hot chocolate! The weather sounds very messed up. I think it wants to be all in one! Fall, winter spring and summer! :) Nice Fall Fashion outift! :)


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