What I've been doing

Monday, October 25, 2010

I've been doing a number of things...
Planning and having my birthday party. It was tons of fun, and my friends Becca, Krista, Kaylee, Whitney, Melissa and Nicole came :) Here are some pictures
Before the party actually started, we went to my church's Halloween party as Hippies! Except for Kaylee, who went--as Kaylee, and Becca and Krista had to work and Marissa was 'studying'.

Why are we sitting on Becca's car? I have no idea...

Getting excited about Winter Jam. Last year we went to Winter Jam it was tons of fun! And to day they announced who's going to be on the tour for 2011!!! :)
And yes, we plan to go again. hehehe

Btw, I love Francesca Battistelli, so I'm really excited for this year!! 

Taking pictures. I'm in love with this beautiful fall weather!! So how could I not go out and take pictures?


  1. Lovely photos! What camera do you use?

  2. I live in Iowa! Go Hawkeyes :)

  3. Those are great pictures! You're lucky to have friends. :D


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