My Camera

Monday, October 25, 2010

I've been asked a few times what kind of Camera I use, here it is. 
This is my camera. It's just a normal camera. nothing fancy. you just press a button and ta-da, you've taken a picture. 

This is why it takes quite a bit of skill to get a good picture. This is why I love photography. Because although I don't have the best, most expensive camera in the world, I can still take good pictures. 

I might not be an olivia collins, but I'm a Megan Madison, and I'm and Junior Photographer. And this is my camera, that I use, that my dad bought, that I share with everyone else in my family, that I love.


  1. That's still a really good camera though, compared to most kids. You do a great job taking pictures with that camera though.

  2. Oh, and your profile still says you're 12...not sure if you saw that or not.


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