Lovely Photo Wednesday!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lovely Photo - Wordless or Not-So-Wordless Wednesday at Aspire
I was so busy this morning I didn't have time to post this!

For some reason, we always have a pumpkin or two out by our front door. It's the makings for great pictures ;)

Sorry, I didn't take Autumn Modest Fashion Showcase pictures today because I had class.

ART is going to be SO much fun this week!! Now that we are done with painting we are doing 1 point perspective drawings and they are 

And apparently...

"Your (not yours, mine) trees are awesome" - Assistant art teacher

"You're so fast and it looks great." - Art teacher, because I was doing the advanced version and I was basically half done when everyone else only had their sidewalk and street done... ;)


  1. we just bought a pumpkin today too! The first one of the year... we usually don't buy any for a couple weeks, because its not necessarily cool enough yet. But I begged and got one. We'll be getting more to probably. Those pumpkins are beautiful! Great pics! :)


  2. I love the picture! Also could you help me get some more followers for my blog I'm trying to get 50 so I can have a 50 followers and posts giveaway. Thanks, Hope


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