Just enjoying my life.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Instead of doing my usual 45 min. on the computer at 7:00 am. I decided to get started right on my school. 

I found out that I get school done much faster when I do it early. I was done with all school by 8:45!! Is that not amazing? I love being home schooled. 

As of what I'm doing right now? Enjoying my empty day at the coffee shop, with mint hot chocolate. 

My older sister Marissa works here, thanks to becca and krista. And Becca and Krista gave me a gift card for he coffee shop. How could I resist spending a few hours here? So I came with my mom do drop the little girls off at class, and she dropped me off here, to enjoy this lovely mint hot chocolate :)

life is amazing.


  1. Yummm mint! Oh yes hot coco here I come!

  2. WOW! 8:45? You do TWO hours of school? Wow. :D I do admit, I get school done faster if I start early too! :D


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