Autumn Modest Fashion Showcase (day 5)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Sorry about posting twice today! :)

Also, I'm SOOOO sorry about the quality of these photos, my parents and older sister went to this collage this weekend for a high school thingy and they TOOK THE CAMERA!!! So I had to use this really dinky one... I guess I need to save for my own... ;)

What I'm wearing
-Pink poncho/shawl:energie (? I got it from my cousin)
-Random plain pink T shirt
-White tank: Arizona Jeans Co.
-Jeans: Old Navy (Gasp! I know, not Lei?)
-Necklace: Birthday Present from my 12th b-day

Speaking of my 12th b-day, my birthday is in only 4 days and 13 hours!!
I'm turning 13 on the 13th! I know, exciting!!


  1. Megan,

    I was wondering how on the top of your blog where it says "My photography, jewerly, my design" it links to your blogs on that subject. Could email me at with how to do it, or ask me for my username and password and you could do it for me.

  2. Hey, don't you know that when you turn the age that is the date of your birthday it's your golden birthday and everyone needs to get you the matching number of presents! Mine was 18 on the 18th, it was awesome!=)
    Though my olders sisters is 27, maybe I should start saving now.....

  3. If you're turning 13 on the 13th, then it's your Golden Birthday! Congrats a few days early!


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