Summer overview

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

You know something is terribly wrong when it's technically still summer and you walk into Wal-Mart and there is a whole shelf full of gloves. Yeah. Summer has gone by so quickly this year!! Here is a short over view of what I did this summer.

Kittens! We discovered 5 three week old cuties! Named Robbo, tiny, fluffy, allan, and milkshake.

Reading. After I finished the whole Series of Unfortunate Events I bought the 1st book.
{bracelet making parties... nothing beats them}
{Me and Caris}
{What were we doing? no idea... Me, Maddy, and Colby}
Camp. Wow. nothing better.

Switched Rooms. Wow. That took a very long tiring 2-3 days...

Violin. We had 3 violin performances this year. What makes it better is that the Hershbergers were there too.

4-H. From entering my projects, receiving my awards, and having my photo go to state fair... it all turned out great. (except for having my picture takin... not my favorite.)

Making Movies. Yeah. What fun was that! :)

Over all my summer was super!! 

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  1. GASP! You play the violin too?! Isn't it fun!


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