School that Overwhelms

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lately it's been eat. school. music. bed. I have so much school work It's not even funny. 
Well, one thing is funny... I'm actually in grade 8 1/2! I know how cool is that?! Actually I'm supposed to be in normal 8th grade... but I'm taking highschool credit classes and my mom is counting my History at home for a highschool credit too. So yeah, that's pretty awesome. But the bad thing about that is--More work. 

I have stacks of school work everywhere!

That isn't even all of it!
I've got a stack above my desk and on the floor by my desk and that doesn't include all of my home work!! 

But even though there is all of this overwhelming homework, I still find some time to relax...
Before I go to bed I usually announce myself worthy of reading at least 1 chapter. As of what I read... Harry Potter. Yes, again. My older sister got the 7th book from the library last week (no she never did finish the 3rd one. :]) and since she hadn't stared it yet I thought it would be fun to read the last 2 chapters of it... I laughed
I actually laughed. I never laugh at books. But I did. And it was awesome.

What do you do to relax after a hard day of school/work?

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  1. LOL... yeah, trust me I know. *bleck*

    I'm in... 10 1/2 grade! I should totally post that.
    ANYWHO... after working on school ALL day........

    I lay in the middle of my bed and listen to music and just... breath. And talk to God.

    Bleah Briann


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