Photo shoot!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Yesterday my sister Marissa did a photo shoot (of me)! 
Here are a few of my favorites:
*edit* sorry if these didn't work before!





Let me know which picture you like best and I'll make it my new profile picture (vote on the poll under the header!)
You can see more of my sister's photography @ Marissa Kayann Photography

Well, I better go because I have to get all my school done by like 2:30 or before because we are having a sleepover @ the Hershberger's (actually it's their Grandma's house...) :]


  1. You can't see the pictures...... ?

  2. I like the last picture best :) It looks really natural and fun.

  3. Oh, these pictures are great! I voted for #4. :)

  4. Great photos! You and your big sis look like you could be twins (I'm sure you hear that a lot)!!

    I'm working on the last song in book 3! You should hear the first 2 songs in book 4! Their nice!

  5. Hey!
    My name is Meghan too. I hope to come back soon!

    Meghan Grace


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