Missing Freedom

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'd gotten so used to having a totally free day all to myself. Now that school has started I feel like I can't do what I want anymore! But truth be told, I can do what I feel like doing... I do still have freedom. I just have to do school first... Ha. yeah.

From rushing to get school done to just having time to read a book, I've kind of neglected that need for 'me' time. But, I had the time get some today. What do I do for 'me' time? I go outside and take some pictures. Yes, almost all of the post I've posted lately have had photos, but none of which I actually took that day... or even the day before. So I decided to skip out on computer time right after I was done with school and took the time to go take some pictures. God. is. so. awesome. I was thinking just some pictures of leaves and stuff... but I got way better:
He Gave me Dragonflies!! Tons of them!! There were like 8 flying around! AMAZING!

And... A Beautiful sky!

2 dragonflies would land on the same plant which made for AWESOME photos!!

My favorite ones are the ones with blue eyes :)

Meet our newest member to our cat family. It's the kitten of Sophia, who doesn't like us. So unfortunately neither does this cutie. But it's eyes... They pull you in like... a Blue-eye dragonfly! It only comes up to eat in the afternoon... around 4:30. It sometimes lets me pet it, but it still doesn't fully trust me. I'm working on it though! I'm not sure if it's a male of female, but I'm thinking it's a female because the males are usually bigger when they are this old. She doesn't have a name yet... any ideas?!

I hope you enjoyed my photos! Don't forget to get our there are have some 'me' time!!


  1. Beautiful photos!! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Ooo! I have a suggestion! I read these books by Ted Dekker (The Lost Books), and a character in them had eyes of different colors. Her name was Shaeda. :-)


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