Thursday, September 2, 2010

Well, sorry I wasn't on yesterday! I had class yesterday. We started our early class so I had to get up at 6:45 so I would have time for a shower and we had to leave at 7:50. So I was very tired. Very tired that is until we went to Starbucks! 

No, it wasn't the coffee that woke me up {because I don't even drink coffee} it was just being out of school and having fun with my friends. Well, first we went up to Iowa City to get starbucks. Then we went to the mall because Kaylee brought quarters and wanted to get gum from the little gumball things. Then we walked around for a little bit. 

Next we had to take Krista to Ballet, and when we went to take her there were TONS of collage kids out walking {it was up be the collage} so we decided to roll down the windows and have Melissa scream. I'm telling you it was the funniest thing. But that's not even funny compared to what happened when we were coming down the elevator on the car ramp!! ;) 

Okay, so on the elevator It's just glass so you can see outside. So, Becca and Marissa say "Everyone, strike a pose!" So we all make really weird faces and strike a pose. And as we are doing that this guy walks by and gives us a really weird look. So as we get out of the elevator we are all laughing and there he is walking by. It was Hilarious! 

Well, then we took Melissa home and on the way we were talking about Harry Potter and how we would all dress up as harry potter people for Halloween. Supposably I'm to be Ron and Kaylee is to be Harry. wow. we are weird.

I know doesn't it sound fun?!

Anyway... our dad's Mom {who we call Gamma} is coming to stay with us for a few months! She usually does in the fall/winter. And It's always tons of fun when some comes!!

I'll post again soon! {oh, and those flute pictures ARE coming!! ;p}


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