Giveaway Winners

Monday, September 6, 2010

Thank you everyone for entering my giveaway!! Unfortunately there can only be 3 winners...

3rd place is:
Nutti Netti

2nd place is:
Jessi DuBose


1st place is.........:
Rachel Grace

*Winners--Please read the rest of this post and then e-mail me at jennaadme[at]gmail[dot]com With your address and the length of your wrist (wrap a string around your wrist for how loose you like bracelets to be then cut the string and measure it).*
As of the reason of why I asked you to name the 4 most important things in your life...

The reason is this bracelet:
I learned how to make this at camp. It was for a cabin devo. The point?

See, you use 5 strings to make the bracelet. The 4 strings that are blue resemble the 4 most important things in your life. And the Black one Resembles God.
What does this have to do with my giveaway? All of the winners of the giveaway will receive a bracelet just like this (I might switch up the colors though) to remind them to make God part of their life. The part that stands out. Without the black string the bracelet wouldn't work. It wouldn't be beautiful. It's the same with your life. 

For those who didn't win any of the prizes, you can learn how to make the bracelet here:

Thank you again for all who entered!! :)


  1. Awesome!! I can't believe I got 3rd!! I will email you pretty soon, gotta get the measurement first though:)

  2. Hey,
    Its Jessi. Sorry but I cant give my address out. The bracelet is beautiful though!


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