A day worth living

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Today was awesome. 
I woke up this morning at 7:00 by my Alarm clock and 'Winter Jam preview' playing on the ipod. I switched the music to Francesca Battistelli 'My paper heart' album and listen to that for about 45 min. Finally I rolled out of bed and scrounged around for clothes (what can I say... I was too lazy to empty my dirty clothes hamper... oops!). I went downstairs and messed around on the computer, and random other stuff until lunch. After that I decided that I should probably do my school... So I did kind of. Then I went outside at 3:30 and sat on the porch with Mallory and Meredith and watched for Gamma's car. Every time we saw a light car we would start screaming 'I think that's gamma's car!!" but it turns out it wasn't. So I decided to go inside to get and drink and then I was going to practice my flute... when I hear screaming for outside... and YES it was gamma. As we were running to meet her on the driveway Meredith was laughing so hard she fell over, apparently it was funny. So I sat around and talked with Gamma for a while then I went and practiced my flute. Then me and Marissa grabbed 2 juice boxes and ran upstairs to watch Merlin on netflix. It was awesome! Then it was time for dinner and after dinner I looked outside and there was the beautiful sunset. 

It was utterly and amazingly awesome. 

I love me life.

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  1. Megan you crack me up. And since I'm your sister i can say that you never take the clothes basket down. You just tell me to wash clothes so then i have to take it down. Silly head. lol
    haha "Me and Marissa grabbed two juice boxes" that was like completely pointless but it made that whole thing super funny. lol
    I like you pictures =]

    Bye mom.


    Since you are in bed I can't give you the 11 o'clock hug! SHOOT! Haha The people who read this are going think I am a super weird person and they will have no idea what I'm talking about hehe. oh wellz!! :D :D :D :D


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