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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

*Good news--This is not one of those serous new-blog-name posts! :)*
{1} New kittens! One of our cats had kittens a few weeks ago. But, we didn't know where they were.... Today we found them!! So far there are 4 of them... and they are ALL girls. Marissa, who is now obsessed with Harry Potter convinced me to name them Harry Potter names... There are 2 dark kittens and 2 white and brown kittens. The not so fluffy dark one we named Harry, the fluffy dark one is named Ron, one of the white and brown ones is named Hermione, and the other white and brown one Sirius. Here are a few pictures:
This is Hermoine


Hermione again

and Hermione yet again {I think}
Aren't they ADORABLE? 
{I'll try to post pictures of them all later}

{2} I made cookies! Well, actually me and Marissa made cookies. It was tons of fun! We made Chocolate chip cookies. Here are some pictures. 

Before baking 

After baking... Yummy!

{3} Photography. I got inspired today and went outside to take some pictures...

Like? Okay? Hate? Love?

{4} New Fall design! I made a new fall design using the name "Me. That all I have to be" and "Reaching Forward" Here are some pictures {to view larger please click oh photo}:
This is just the design, if I choose a different name I can just change the nam on the header.

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I hope you enjoyed my post!


  1. Me and my sister really like the name Reaching Forward and I really like the green background. :)

  2. Oh, I made chocolate chip cookies this afternoon too! :) Your kittens are sooooooooo cute! Mine are all growing up, so I don't have any that little anymore:( I love the design for Me. That's all I have to be!

  3. I like the way Reaching Forward looks, though I like the name for the Me one more!


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