Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Okay, so quick note to Wildflower, my newest follower, THANKS A TON!! 1 more follower to go...

Okay so today was another school day {aka, Classes}... I was yawing most of the day and not to mention the fact that my allergies were driving me insane... but hey, It was actually fun. I guess you could say I'm one of those people that I'm one of those people who likes going to class. Like... Okay, Learning Lab is always fun. But for comp. 1 most of the people taking it are just doing it for credits... but Me, I TOTALLY love it! And as for Art... well, some people are doing it because of their mom's telling them they have to, but me, I just love art! ;)
Well, Here is a list of the classes I take and what we did today:

Learning Lab:
This is a Class for Jr. High kids (well, some 5th graders take it too). Our teacher's name is Rachel, and well lets just say--There's no teacher better for Learning Lab then her. She makes every thing AWESOME! As for what we did today... We did these observation things, where you pretend that you don't know what the object is and you make observations about it, like Color, Texture, It's reaction to a stick (yeah, that one made me laugh), Movement, and other observations. It was actually really fun and we split into 7 different groups in my group there was Anna and some other kid that I'd never met before and I don't remember his name... oops! Anyway, so Learning Lab today was totally awesome--As always. ;)

Comp. 1:
Okay, so I totally love writing so of corse I totally fit in to this class. Our teacher is Vivian {I think that's how you spell it...} She is like totally the best writing teacher EVER, agreed by everyone who has ever taken a Comp. class taught by her. Well, today Vivian was gone so Lynda taught our class. My partner today was Max. First we had to read our re-written paragraphs from last week to our partner. Then we wrote out a keyword outline for a new paragraph. Then we re-wrote the new paragraph as a class. Next we wrote a keyword outline for another paragraph. Then we read the sentences out from using our keyword outline. END OF CLASS. I know from what I wrote it sound kind of boring... but it was actually pretty fun. Even Max agreed that class was fun today and he doesn't really like writing. 

Today in art me and Kaylee got to sit together! (last week we didn't, we almost died! jk) And we experimented using different kids of pencils. And then she gave us this piece of paper with a hump with a line connected to it and we were supposed to make it into something... and the most ironic thing happened... we went around and said what we drew and my sister Marissa said that she made her into a lollypop and me, kaylee, whitney, and melissa (who were all sitting together) started laughing... Because I made mine into a lollypop too! We have twin minds... lol


So, yeah school today was over all totally awesome and fun! ;)


  1. Aren't you home schooled?

  2. yeah I am home schooled, but I go to like a 'home school school' where once a week we have a day of classes with a bunch of other home schooled kids. It's really fun.



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