photos, school, and state fair!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

HI! Well, yesterday I went out and it was kind of raining. And ofcourse I took pictures! 
This is probably the best photo I took...
No, this is not a river or a creek... it's our driveway... yes.
I was surprised to find this flower!
The road.
weird looking flower...
the bud

So, those are some of the pictures I took.
Okay, so on Saturday I was at the state fair all day with my friends because we had 2 violin group performances. Kaylee wanted to see my picture... and when we got to the building my mom was there and they all made my stand to get my picture with my picture... then they all started clapping! It was actually really funny! Anyway, my photo got BLUE at state fair {that's the best it can get} so I was happy about that. :)
Today we start Class... I'm taking Music {but it doesn't start for a few weeks}, Learning Lab {Jr. high class about a whole bunch of different stuff}, Comp. 1 {writing}, and Art! Plus I get to see Kaylee! so... I have to leave at 9:20 and I haven't eaten breakfast, SO BYE FOR NOW!!


  1. that picture is amazing! thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog..


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