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Saturday, August 7, 2010

My sister Marissa is such a slow reader... Or maybe it's the fact that this is what she does:
*Reads a few pages* "break time!" a weeks later *reads a few pages* "break time!"
It's actually kind of funny... But Here's the point, She started reading the harry potter books, finished the 1st one and told my brother to read it, he read it then finished the 2nd one, finally marissa finished the 2nd one, then they watched to 2nd movie, I come along while they are watching it a decide to watch the end of it, by the time the movie is over, I have no idea what's going on so my sister makes my listen to the first book on CD, then I find out how totally awesome harry potter is and finish the whole series before marissa has read 4 chapters in the 3rd book. That was in March. Now {August} Marissa is STILL reading the 3rd book and is barely farther then a few chapters (they just got to school...) So last night I asked her to watch a movie with her... We look through the movies on our computer and I see "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" instantly I say to her "Okay, since you are never going to finish the book anyway, lets just watch the movie so you know what happens." She answered by "Okay, if you go pop my some popcorn." I who has been trying to get her to watch the movie for months agrees. This is around 10:00/11:00 we watch the movie and it gets done at around 1:00 or 1:30. I who am SO tired (not to mention hot, our room... the air doesn't work to well...) quickly goes to bed.

Then tonight, marissa tells me to see if we have the 4th movie on the computer. I check and notices that we DO and happily jump onto Marissa's bed to watch it with her--FUNNIEST THING EVER!!!!! During the part where Cedric dies she grabs my hand and with all her strength squeezes mine. Then when Harry takes Cedric back she finally lets go and says "I can't move my fingers!" and I (who has imprints of her hand on my palm) straitens (spelling?) her fingers for her and she finishes the movie with the same shocked expression.
Fun times!


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