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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I've gone through names and names of blogs...
-Megan's blog
-The country life of an 11 year old
-A simple girl's dairy
-1 of 5
-the life of a 12 year old
All of which are good, but I feel as if they just aren't right...

Here is some more insight on my new choices of blog names.

:::...Reaching Forward...::: {33% of the votes}
Reaching Forward is a name I personally really like. It's really describes me. It's like I'm reaching forward in for what I am to do and what I love. It also somewhat describes my blog!

:::...Walking On...::: {11% of the votes}
I like this name, but it's defiantly not my favorite (and I think you all think so too). I do like it though. It's like I'm walking on in life, following God.

:::...A simple Girls life...::: {0% of the votes}
This is basically a mix between A Simple Girls Diary and The life of an 11/12 year old. Both of which were my least favorite names of my past blogs... I don't even know why I put it on the poll, I since no one els has voted for it, I'm guessing you all agree with me... GOOD! :)

:::...Me. That's all I have to be...::: {22% of the votes}
Okay... This is my favorite name of all. I describes me: a girl who just acts like herself. Plus it also describes my blog: the blog about a girls who acts like herself. See what I mean, this is JUST what I'm looking for! If I HAD to choose myself, this one is probably the one I'd choose. I LOVE IT!

:::...Laughter...::: {33% of the votes}
I like this name. It's just I feel like it only describes ME, not my blog. And I really would like something that describes both me and my blog.

For me, it's between Reaching Forward and Me. That's all I have to be.
For you, it's between Laughter and Reaching Forward.
Maybe now that you know a little more about the names and what I feel about them You will change your vote or even vote for the first time. :)

You all wouldn't mind if I posted twice today would you? I'm planning on baking cookies and taking pictures of the cookies and other stuff too...!


  1. My favorite is Me. That's all I have to be. I hope you choose the right one!

    (and i would love it if you would post twice a day!)

  2. I like the 'Me' one, though I love Laughter and Reaching Forward. I think you should choose what you want!

  3. I like Reaching Forward! If you post more than once a day that just means your awesome. :D


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