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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Okay... I have something great to tell you!

- Ever wanted to make your own Blog Background? I spent... and hour? Hour and 30 min.? Posting a tutorial {easy to follow, detailed} on my design blog, including pictures for every step, because I've had a bunch of people who have asked me how to make backgrounds. Now, anyone who wants to know how to make a background..... Go HERE.

- Ever wanted a custom blog item for FREE? Well, I just happen to be a no cost {that means FREE} blog designer! I do 4 custom items (sometimes more) a month... I still have 3 openings! Come on, you know one of those open spots is calling your name.... Go HERE

- Ever wanted some cool free pre-made backgrounds? Well, I make those too, they also include a matching header! They are easy to add to your blog and easy to remove... Go HERE.

- Soon coming to Fun time Design: 
More tutorials
More choices for custom items
Much, Much, Much, Much, MORE!

If you haven't gotten the hint... Please visit:!


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