A big decision...

Monday, August 16, 2010

After a lot of votes {27} and a lot of thinking, I've decided that the my new blog name will be....

{That's all I have to be}

I know that more of you voted for it to stay laughter, but you know, polls aren't the final decision, it's really up to me. And, well, it is Me!

So don't be totally creeped out when you see on your site feed 'Me {that's all I have to be}' because now you know that it's my old-new blog! :)

I want to thank each of you who voted, It really helped me make a great decision. 

Also, thanks to Laney I have an awesome new button {located on my sidebar}

Plus, now that I have my great new name, I'm ready to start designing my new header, which will actually NOT be any of the preview ones I made... Get ready for a surprise!!

And.... I now have 47 great followers!! Plus I've posed 138 times! So maybe by the time I've got 50 followers and for my 150th post I'll have a totally awesome '50 follower-150 posts-new blog name-fall GIVEAWAY! :) Sound great?!

btw, I'm thinking of making a craft blog with the projects I'm working on and tutorials, and stuff like that... If I made it would you follow it? And What should it be named? {See NEW poll!}

you all are GREAT!


  1. I have an idea for a name:
    "Megs Craft Table." or

    "Megs Crazy Craft Corner." Aberv. M.C.C.C.

  2. Love it! It fits. Totally!

  3. Yeah!
    I added your new blog button! :D


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