What you need to start writing!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Last night I took pictures of what I use when I'm writing! Here are a few tips for you!

What you'll need:
Paper. Use your paper to write down your thoughts and start some stories!

Pencil. How can you write without a pencil? Pencils are better then pens because you can erase. I like to use mechanical pencils so I don't have to sharpen them.

Colored pencils. Have some colored pencils on hand in case you want to draw some pictures for you story.

Writing Ideas book. Have a notebook for all of your writing ideas. You could be working on writing something for school when you have a great idea for a book. Write it down in you 'writing ideas' notebook so you won't forget and can work on it later.

Sharpies! Incase you need to write something that should never go away. :)

Favorite writing books. Writing Magic has some great tips for writing great fiction stories! Writing stories is a great book to help you make your stories better. Gifts of Writing has some crafts that involve writing. They are all really great books that help a lot!

Something to do when you take a brake. I have a crochet project next to me to work on when I'm ready for a break. Beside it is a picture of what I'm working on... and I finished it this morning. 

Lamp, Clock, and fan. A lamp to see when it gets dark. A clock, so you don't stay up too late (or you can just look out to window and see that the sun is rising and decide to go to bed). And a Fan, for when you have to hottest room in the house.

I hope these tips helped! I ended up only staying up until 10:00 last night (that's about an hour of writing), and I wrote something about what the world would be like if there was not 8 (Do you want me to post it?).
OH, and here is a picture of my Pj's!


  1. Cool tips! Though I usually do most of my writing on my computer so I wouldn't need the first several items. Cute little crochet project! Looks awesome! :)

  2. heaps cool:) and awesome blog:)

  3. Good tips. I know your story contest ended yesterday, but I commented and asked if you could let me have more time. Can I?

  4. My blog party has started, don't miss it!


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