Story Contest!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I'm hosting a story contest over on my magazine blog! I was looking for something to make my magazine more interesting, so I thought "What about a story". But I didn't really want to write everything myself... so I decided to host a contest (with prizes)--So click on the button and enter! :)

I just got back from the fair... I had to make biscuits for Pride of Iowa (we didn't win, btw) and I had to get my awards... I guess it wasn't that bad. I now have 2 metal things that ones says "Best Intermediate Photographer" and the other on says that my picture is going to state fair and it also has my name on it. (Pictures soon!)

Don't forget to enter the story contest!!!!!


  1. Oh, I love writing stories!! Is it supposed to be like a 200 word one or like 500??

  2. A story contest! Yay!

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