A day to relax. maybe.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Finally! A day to relax! I have basically nothing to do today, except for work on some 4-H projects. It feels so great! A lot if times we get so caught up in what's happening that we totally for get to thank God and ask him for help. When really that's when we need him most! We forget so many things. I forgot about there was a May, this whole month I've been thinking that I didn't need to start working on my Magazine until next month (wow, could I really be that dumb?!), when really it needs to be sent next week. I forgot that I was supposed to draw the name for the winner of my makeover giveaway, until I realized Whoa, it ends today. I'm sure we could go down a list of things that we've forgotten, and somewhere, sometime, God is going to be on that list. This morning, I forgot about God and I got up and left my room for breakfast, when I usually read my bible and pray right when I get up, God didn't even cross my mind. We are living life as if we can come back to that day again and make it right. No. We have to make it right NOW. Not later, NOW. Our live's are going by so fast we can't even see 2 feet in front of us. We have to STOP and see what's going on and follow God's path, not our own. 

I hope you all stop to see what's going on in your life today... And don't forget: Don't forget! :)


  1. True Megan.

    Cool picture too, how did you get it blurry?

  2. my little sister took it... She's not that good of a photographer! :)... so it already was blurry.


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