Thursday, June 3, 2010

Can you guess from the picture below what I'm excited about?

No... How 'bout now?

Still no?

Okay.... I bought the 1st Series of Unfortunate Events book at GoodWill for $0.88!!!
What a DEAL!!!! Its usually $12.00!!! Plus it's hardback too! I mean who can pass up $0.88 instead of $12? I LOVE GOODWILL!!!!!!! 
What to see more of the kittens? okay!
Well, it's 2 posts to 100,
and 3 days until camp.

I'll be doing my post tomorrow here: 
because if I do it on this blog.... I won't be able to post one last time before I leave to camp! So, go to the link above tomorrow for my post.
I also just sent my giveaway prizes and it only cost me $9! I was so happy!
Btw, I just got my prize for Saratess's blog party and they are sooooo cool!!!!
I got to cool covered hair ties, 2 keychains, and a cross charm, which I put on a necklace chain. :)
Thanks Saratess!!!

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