UPDATE... mother's day project

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I just noticed that I was a complete dork while posting the 'activity #1: Mother's day project'... I said to take a picture of what you were did for mother's day... and one of the things was 'make breakfast'... HOW CAN YOU DO THAT BEFORE MOTHER'S DAY??? OH my... I don't know what I was doing!!! So, since I was being so stupid while doing this... I'm giving you and extra day for this project.... HERE IS THE NEW PROJECT:
Make a mother's day card (work hard on it now!) and stow it away until mother's day on sunday... Take a picture of your card (or just describe it) and put it into a post and add your post's link to the list at the bottom of this post!

--- This will earn you another entry into the giveaways ---

Sorry about all of that everyone!
So, tomorrow I have class and after that we go straight to church, so I won't have anytime to post so I'm scheduling a post for tomorrow and on thursday I'll post my mother's day card OKAY?!

Sorry about the confusion!!!!!! 


  1. Yes, I was planning to make my mom a card when our art teacher came by, but I couldn't post a picture. Mom checks on my blog a lot. (-: She likes to read my posts.

  2. I'll give you and entry even thought you did actually post, but you told me you were going to do it... that's good enough!


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