Summer awaits blog party -- Activity #1

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Activity #1: A Mother's day project
Summer is almost here, and so is Mother's day! The blog party ends the day after Mother's day, so what other project then to make a Mother's day present for you mom!? Here are some GREAT ideas for a mother's day present:
  • A homemade Card Moms LOVE homemade stuff. Even if you don't think you're a good drawer, moms always like EVERYTHING you draw. And if you just don't like drawing you can always use stickers or stamps... or if your really good with they computer, you can make one on the computer.
  • Flowers Mom's LOVE flowers! So, you you have some flowers that have bloomed, cut some and tie a ribbon or string around them and give them to your mom. Even if you don't have flowers around your house... You can still draw some! :)
  • Breakfast wouldn't you like it if someone brought you breakfast in bed? So, why wouldn't your mom? Even if you're not a very good cook... you can just make some toast and some fruit! 
  • Clean house yes, I for one know that our house at this moment is NOT CLEAN. But, my mom likes to have a clean house. If your house is like ours, maybe for mother's day you could take up cleaning the house to make your mom happy!
So, the Challenge of the day is: 'Make a mother's day gift for your mom, take a picture of it, and post it on your blog. Then come here and add your post link to the list below'

If you add you post link to the list you'll get yet another extra entry into the giveaways!
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Check back tomorrow for the next activity! :)

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  1. Do we do post it now, or after Mother's Day?


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