Sleepover and I'm DONE!!!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Okay, first of all, the most exciting news....

I'm done with MATH!!!!

This is the little ending picture it gave me when I was done with the last test.

NO MORE MATH!!! Well, at least for the rest of this month and june, but then I have to do math through the summer because I'm behind by a whole grade... but, A brake of any kind is good right?

Now, for the sleepover pictures:

Okay, so first we went over to Becca, Karista, Kaylee, and Whiney's house and Me and Kaylee made a huge cookie and cut it into pieces like a pizza. (sorry, no pictures of that...) then we went to see their kittens, They were SUPER cute! After that we had dinner, then we played Mow and Mafia. Then we stuck Oreos to our faces and tried to get it into our mouth buy moving our face muscles (Yes, it was very weird). Then Me and Whitney went upstairs to watch Season 1 disk 3 of Robin Hood, while the rest watched Pearl Harbor (I think that's what it was...) After that we got skittles and pop and then watch E.T. and all of us fell asleep while watch it. 

Then on tuesday, we all got up and eat coffee cake that Krista made (yummy!), then we got dressed and stuff then we went to Iowa City to the Library. And we parked at the very top of the parking ramp and waved at an group of elementary kids as the walked down on the street. After we were done at the Library, we had a very exciting time on the elevator and stairs.... Kaylee got left the first time up, then we went down to find her, but she had already gone up the stairs, then Becca and Marissa went up the elevator while Me, Whitney, and Krista went up the stairs to find Kaylee, but Kaylee had gone to the wrong floor, and when we noticed that kaylee wasn't on the stairs, Krista, Whitney and Me went back down the elevator to find that no one was there, so we went back up the elevator and everyone else was already in the car... yep, pretty exciting right?!
Well, after that exciting journey, we went to Wendy's in Coralville (that's the picture above) after that we went to Hobby Lobby, while Becca got her hair cut. Then we went to Barns and Noble to get star bucks and played Mall Hide and go seek. Then we went to their grandma's house to watch you've got mail. What an exciting 2 days! :)

Oh, and whitney wasn't in the fist picture, so here she is! :)

btw, only the 1st 4 pictures are mine, the rest were found on the internet.


  1. Wow! Fun! That must of been a huge sleepover! I only have like one good friend.

    (Don't worry, I'm a year behind in math too. (-:)

  2. How fun!Sounds like u had a blast!!I <3 hang'in with friends!I'm behind in math to,and can't wait till' it's over!!(I also have to do math through the summer....just like one page a day or something like that......I really don't know:))


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