{Request from Saratess}

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Saratess joined my blog party and asked if I would join her 'TAG CONTEST', of corse I will!! I'm always happy to help new bloggers/not very popular bloggers!!! :)
So, saratess, here's my 'TAG'.
I love to blog
(megan madison's tag)
1. How many times a week do you post? I try to post 3 to 4 times a week, but when I'm really busy I only post 1 time a week.

2. How many followers do you have (without looking)? um.... I thing it's like 26.

3. How many followers would you like to have? What I have now is fine, but I'll always welcome new followers! :)

4. How many times have you posted this year (without looking): I think it's 50 or so.

5. What is your average comments per post? Like 2 or 3. (But I'd love to have more!!!)

6. How many blog do you follow (without looking): um.... Probably like 60 or 70... it's a lot....

7. Now answer the 'without looking' questions WITH looking:
Followers: 25, wow I was really close!
posts this year: 58, well that was kinda close!
blog do you follow: 64, so I was pretty close!

Wow, I had fun with my own tag!!!

Anyone can do this tag if they want! :)


  1. This tag?
    There was no link. :)

  2. Click on the Blue button. The top one doesn't work.


  3. Actually, the link doesn't work anymore, so go to myjournalofjoy.blogspot.com to find the details on the blog party.



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