Random Friday

Friday, May 14, 2010


Okay, so I decided to do host something new on my blog:
Random Friday
Every Friday I will post a random subject, and you do a post (or part of a post) about it! Then you add your like to the list. There will be no prizes, It's just for fun! :)

So, The Subject for today is:
A Childhood Game
Is that the best or WHAT?! Me and my friends are always talking about stuff that we did when we were kids, most of it is the same! lol

Okay, I have to say that my favorite childhood game was: THE BOXCAR CHILDREN 
Have you ever read those books?! They are they BEST!!!
I was always Violet, and we'd play that we were living in a boxcar and we had the stump to stand on and everything... it was the best!!! :)

Okay, no add YOUR link! :)


  1. We use to play Cops and robers... best game ever!
    I would post it on my blog, but I only post about poptropica...

  2. Pretty please come over to this post: http://blonde4christ.blogspot.com/2010/05/semi-nominations-are-in.html
    and nominate the people you'd like to win an award! Please read the rules and then nominate! A great way to end the summer!

    With Love and Bleassings,
    Bleah Briann


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