Miscellany Monday!

Monday, May 17, 2010

I just discovered Lowercase Letters last week... It's a totally awesome blog and you all so go and see it!!! Unfortunatlly I missed the Miscellany Monday last week, but I'm doing it this week! :)

  1. I just made a club with my little sisters (because they wanted me to have a club with them, you know little kids...) It's called P.F.D., it stands for Powerful Fan Device... why is our club called 'powerful fan device?' I really have NO Idea! lol
  2. I just finished 'FREEDOM TRAIN' today! I had to read it for school... it was a pretty good book, but I'd rather be reading A series of Unfortunate Events! :)
  3. I really wish I could have a 'Strayberry and Cream' Starbucks shake...
  4. I CAN'T WIAT FOR CAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, now for a little 'life update':
I haven't seen my bff kaylee for 5 DAYS!!!! I think I shall die......
I'm now on book 11 in A series of Unfortunate Events!!!! :)


  1. Luck duck. I see MY best friend every 2 months or so. Well, Jesus, is my best friend, but besides him Bonnie is my best friend.

  2. I have no clue why that says Andi carter...let me change that...

  3. It STILL says Andi Carter!!!

  4. I KNOW!!!! I think I am going to die too!! Oh and you should do a post about bobbio and freddy!!! :D

  5. How could I forget!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    I shall do that later today! :)

    I <3 Bobbio & Freddy!


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