Memorial Day

Monday, May 31, 2010

You know how you never really realize stuff until you actually see it? Well, I never actually got a to see any war, but I got a small taste of it today and our town's memorial day celebration. One of the Speakers said something like "Freedom's not free, the army payed a big price for us to be free today." and he said that some guys who were only 16 lied and said that they were old enough to join the army. I hope you all realize, FREEDOM IS NOT FREE. We all seem to take our freedom for granted. The speaker also said "It's not the survivors that are the heros, it the men that went and fought that are the heros."

Freedom's not free
Megan K. Madison

To have freedom isn't free.
The army payed a big price for me.

I wouldn't be free if it weren't for the men
Who payed the huge price for freedom. 

Could it be that I wouldn't be me,
If it weren't be for he, who fought for us to be free?

The army is our hero,
it takes a hero to make us free,
Because freedom's not free.

I hope you all enjoy your day, and don't forget, how you became free.


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