Hold my Heart...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I just love the song 'Hold my Heart' by Tenth Avenue North...

How long must I pray
Must I pray to You?
How long must I wait
Must I wait for You?
How long till I see Your face
See You shining through
I'm on my knees
Begging You to notice me
I'm on my knees
Father, will You turn to me
One tear in the driving rain
One voice in a sea of pain
Could the maker of the stars
Hear the sound of my breaking heart
One life, that's all I am
Right now I can barely stand
If You're everything You say You are
Would You come close and hold my heart
I've been so afraid, afraid to close my eyes
So much can slip away before I say goodbye
But if there's no other way
I?m done asking why
So many questions without answers
Your promises remain
I can't see but I'll take my chances
To hear you call my name
To hear you call my name
That's all... I love that song!


  1. Hmmm...what a great song.

  2. I love that song...everytime I hear it on the radio I mealt. Have you heard that song...It think its called "where the healing begins" or "the light meets the dark" I'm not sure. But I'm pretty sure if you google those lyrics and then
    "Tenth Avenue North" I bet you'll find the name. Its AWESOME! My favorite by them right now.
    With Love and Blessings,
    Bleah Briann


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