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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Guess what?! I'm getting my eyes checked tomorrow!!!!! Finally I'll be able to see better!!! :)
I am SO excited about camp, I'm just SO EXCITED!!!! 

Oh yeah, okay this is really random, but on sunday Night I had this super weird dream that me and my friend Melissa (and someone else that I don't remember who.... I think it was Hannah...) had this like band thing..... and we were all like singing and everything... and then we went to change clothes for a song and we started fighting because we couldn't choose what song to sing.... yeah, really weird..... lol a million times!

Yes, I AM weird...


  1. Wow. This was really random! LOL
    Was I the Hannah in your dream or was it one of your friends named Hannah? I have had dreams that have my blogger friends in them before :)
    That is a really funny dream!

  2. No, actually it was one of my friends from Homeschool class named hannah.... I remember it was her now... because I remember I hugged her after I got really mad at them.... But I don't think I'd ever get mad at my friends like that! lol

  3. you are such a werido :D lol love ya!

  4. I have those kind of dreams too. ( : Go over to my blog soon! I'm hosting a giveaway!

  5. lol yeah i did not think it would have been me :)


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