A Bunny!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Isn't it ADORABLE?! My cat (I partly hate it...) decided that she would catch a baby bunny yesterday.... My little sister Mallory was screaming "NO!!! NO!!!! NO!!!!!" as my cat started to bite it's neck with her fangs (yes, according to me they aren't teeth, they are fangs) attempting to decapitate it.... Mallory was about to die from watching the bunny die... So Me and Jordan went over to Jenny and made her drop the almost dead bunny on the porch, then Jordan threw Jenny inside. Well, we were making sure the bunny was okay, when it decided to jump off the porch and go under it... Well, we wanted to make sure it was okay and then let it go... So Mallory went under the porch to try to scare it out... Then I told her to catch it in this little bucket thing and then to carry it out... but she didn't listen to me and kept trying to scare it out.... Finally they decided to listen to ME and catch it in the bucket then taken it to this plastic box that Mallory and Meredith used to to have their toads in... 

Doesn't it look kind of like a chipmunk? lol

Anyway, Meredith decided that she would get a carrot for it... she is SO cute! But it didn't eat it.... Thankfully the bunny was fine and jordan took it back out to the field, and let it go... and then we threw the carrot in the field too. OH, the adventures of life.


  1. Ha ha! We caught an itty bitty baby bunny last year.

  2. Very cute.--
    How do I change my signiture on my posts? It is annoying sence I post everyday I have to remove it everytime and I make a new one that I want to take the old ones place. How do I change it??

  3. Hahaha this post made me laugh!! :D
    It also reminded me of when you were playing zoo tycoon that one time that was hilariou!!! :D


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