Activity #4--Summer List (and surprise!)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Okay, so I decided to start off with the surprise... 
Little did you know that when you posted your spring photography... It was actually a photography contest!!! :)
Isn't that great?!... the winner of the photography contest gets an extra 2 entries and the other participants all get 1 entry! AND THE WINNER IS....
Hannah, your pictures were just GREAT!!! I had a really hard decision for this because all of your photos were AWESOME!!!! But Hannah's flower picture... oh, it was just AWESOME!!! So, hannah you get 2 extra entries and Kendra, Samantha (I love your flower pictures almost as much as I loved Hannah's!!!), and Kathleen you all get 1 entry! (adding entries to list....)

Okay, now for the activity for today:
So, I thought I'd do something that won't take as much time as the last few ones! :)

So, here's the activity for today.... Make a list of 5 things (or more) that you want to do this summer. Here's my list:

1. Enter some of my photography in the fair.
2. Have millions of sleepovers with Kaylee, Becca, Krista, and Whitney. 
3. Work ALOT on my book!!!!!!!!
4. Sew!
5. Find a really good book to read! :)

So, you know what to do: Post your list, copy the link, add the link to the list! :)


  1. WOW! What a surprise!!!! Thanks so much Megan! That is such an encouragement as I am just starting out in photography! Okay, I am going to go make a list!

  2. I made my list!!!
    I tried to link up, but the Linky was having errors every time I did it. I'll give you the link here and then try the linky thingy latter :)


  3. I linked up!
    Congrats Hannah!

  4. I added your link for you hannah! :)


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