Activity #3--Summer poem

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I have a dream of summer
By: Megan Madison
I'm tired of school, 
I'm bored of boring books.
I have a dream of summer.
I'm tired of waking up early, I tired of doing double math, 
just because I'm behind. 
I have a dream of summer.
I'm tired of being stressed about it I did good 
on my homework, or if I've even done it, 
I'm tired of staying inside for most of the day.
I have a dream of summer.
I'm tired of carrying around a heavy backpack full of junk for school,
I'm tired of holding a pencil all day long.
I have a dream of summer.
I'm tired of staying up late reading because I don't have time in the day,
I'm tired of being TIRED!
I have a dream of summer.

So, here's the link for the first tag that you have to do to join the blog party. click HERE.

*for those of you who the video doesn't work for, the activity is to write a poem about summer and add the link to the list*


  1. Megan,
    I have slower internet, and I can't get your video to play well for me. I can do youtubes but other ones don't work very well.
    I'm not exactly sure what I have to do for this activity. Do I just write a summer poem post it on my blog and then link up on your blog?

  2. You know what, I think I figured it out by looking at what Kendra did. I wrote a poem today and am posting it on my blog right now. I will be linking up soon! Thanks!


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