Planting Chums-Week three

Friday, April 23, 2010

'Family Fotos'
Yep, that's the subject for this week... and here's my 'family foto"

It might help if you click on the picture to see it bigger, but here's what's going on:
there was this big tree down the road from our house. On May 11, 2008 there was this big storm... Well, the tree fell over onto a car and hit the side of a house stretching the power lines down with it (as you can see). I don't remember the whole story, but there was like a kid in the car but the tree either missed her or they got her out in time... anyway, no one was hurt! Back to the memory, So after we hear this HUGE CRACK and our power goes out we all go outside to see what's going on... we were all like "whoa!" and we were standing out side our house and our dad was taking pictures and video and the worker people started yelling at us to go inside and one of them was like "You can take pictures later!!!!!!" and they were really mad at us for watching because they thought all the power lines would come down and kill us... It was really funny!!! Anyway... after we went back inside we had to order pizza and I think we might have play a few games... it was really fun though... :)

This is the next day


  1. WOW!!

    That is quite the photo.

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. That tree is HUGE! Holy wow! I am so glad that the little girl in the car was ok! Super scary!

  3. Oh my gosh!

    What a story! That tree is gigantic!

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Whoa! That tree is huge! So glad the little girl was alright...that would have been so scary!

    Thanks for sharing!


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