4 Week ONE

Friday, April 9, 2010

Okay, so the topic for this week is.... Food Loves: Why do you like it so much? Is there any particular meaning behind why you like it? Have any special memories with it? Why that particular food?

My Food Love is: Skittles!

Why do I like it so much? Well, What's not to like?! It's 5 Fruity flavors! In 5 AWESOME colors!

Is there any particular meaning behind why I like it? Well, It's basically Barnez (yeah, it's weird, but it's actually pronounced BARN and it's a fake family made up by me, my sister and our friends) Favorite, and every time we have parties with our friends, it's just not a party without skittles... You should hear our crazy idea about our skittles band.... lol

Do I have any special memories with it? Yes!!! Surprise Birthday Party, Becca Passing her Test, Winter Jam... And MANY MORE! :)

Why that particular food? Well, Like I said The colors and the flavors are awesome, but also whenever I'm eating them it's usually with my friends, and that is awesome, because I have AWESOME FRIENDS!


  1. Love your comments! Skittles are AWESOME!!

    Thanks for joining. I added your link to the Mr. Linky on my site.


  2. Skittles are fun to eat!

    Great answers too!

  3. Skittles are blissful! Magical. Sensational. Chocolate still tops for me. But skittles reign high upon the list. :)

  4. ICK! Skittles?! Seriously!? haha. Okaaaay...I'll give you a break, but Skittles are nasty! I don't even eat them anymore, but when I did I didn't like them. :P

    Oh well...to each his own. So, I guess it's ok that you think differently. heehee. ;)

    Cute blog Megan! Very colorful and fun. ^_^

    Have a lovely day!


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