Winter Jam

Friday, March 19, 2010

Hello, everyone!! I know that I keep on saying "this is the last post before we leave".... but I'm really bored so I thought I'd post some Pictures from Winter Jam (if you want to know more about winter jam, you should go to my sister's blog... she did a better winter Jam post.) 

I'm not sure what we were doing here... Jordan and Krista are okay, but Kaylee, Me, and Whitney are like really weird!

This picture is a little better, but Whitney wasn't looking, she was doing a crossword puzzle.

This was our "Silly" picture...

BECCA! our driver! :]

Whitney... I think she was little too excited...

Krista and me... I think we were getting bored waiting in line...

Marissa & Becca (becca is wondering if she was doing Karate here...?)

Everyone was really excited...

Why is everyone holding on to Kaylee? I don't know...

this was after the concert when we had to run through the rain...

Everyone was trying to get out of the picture...

Ya, we had a LOT of fun! :]

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Kaylee... I'm sorry about you not being able to come over today... silly Jordan had to get sick... I might see you tonight when we bring sam over... oh, and I'm trying to fix my comment thing, try to leave a comment and tell me if it works... (I'm not sure was was up with all the "....", lol)


  1. Test for KayleeMarch 19, 2010

    Hi, this is a test comment for Kaylee.... I got it to work!!! Just choose 'Name/URL' as the 'comment as:' and type your name as Kaylee... Let me know if it works!

  2. Hey Megan!!!!
    So I am going to try to leave a comment here it goes!!! :D
    Oh yeah I like all the pics to oh and the reason why you are holding me up is because I was falling over :D

  3. Hehehe... I remember now... lol :]


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