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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Just thought I'd let you all know--WE'RE BACK!! And I'm ready to share Lots of (slightly stupid) Pictures!! :) Here I go:
I thought I'd start with this picture, it's a really bad picture, but you can see that it says Tulsa, and that's where we were: Tulsa Oklahoma at the TULSA INTERNATIONAL SOUL-WINNING WORKSHOP.

This is my little sister Meredith in out Great-Aunt & Uncle's RV

Another Picture of Meredith

A Picture of both of us (I look kinda weird...)

Mallory eating her lunch

Me & Mallory

A better picture of Me & Mallory


Marissa's friend Caris

Meredith at a Restaurant 

Meredith again

Meredith yet again

Caris :)


Me (I'm not sure what I was doing...)

The 5th Harry Potter book... I'm a lot farther then there, because I just read for about 8 hours while we were driving home...

Well, I'll post again soon! :)

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