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Monday, March 22, 2010

Hi! Yeah, Yeah, I know that I said that I wouldn't post again until we got back... but hey, I'm really bored and my dad brought his lap top... what else to do but blog? hehehe

I really have noting interesting to post about... So, just because I know you guys want to know all about our trip here... (you know you do! NOT.) I'm going to post about it! lol
So, This was my day on Saturday:
7:00   get up check e-mail
7:30   read Harry Potter 
8:30   walk around the house waiting for people to get up
9:00 everyone is awake and has eaten breakfast and now the younger kids a freaking out because they can't find gameboys and CD players
10:00 everyone is making sure they have everything packed
12:00 start cooking the leftover pizza from friday
12:30 eat lunch
1:00   everyone is making sure they have EVERYTHING packed and dad is starting to load stuff into the car
2:00  take our cat over to our grandma's house (Sam (our dog) was taken over to marissa's friend's house on friday) and we plan to start our trip after we drop our cat off
2:15 we are driving back to the house because the younger girls notice that they forgot their money! 
2:30 we finally set off on our trip!
     while sitting in the car I read like 6 chapters of harry potter (until it gets dark), eat dinner at McDonalds, sleep for an hour, try to do Madlibs in the dark, watch people who have gone into the ditch because of the snow, stare out the front window as my dad tries to drive in the snow, listen the the GPS on our dad's phone giving us directions, and then finally we reach our grandma's house in Missouri!!
12:00 (p.m.) set up the beds and sleep.... Ah.... Sleep.... ZZZzzzZZZ

Yep, that's what we did! lol

Okay, I think I'm done now! Oh wait!!!!! I Just finished the 4th Harry Potter book! hehehe

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