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Monday, March 8, 2010

And yet again I strike myself with 2 new obsessions: Harry Potter & Robin Hood

So, yes First came Robin Hood the great fighter of evil, the guy who lives in the woods, the man with his own Gang, the Show where there is a Creepy Serif with a Creepy side kick (Sir Guy), Where the Villagers are terribly poor, where there's the lovely Maid Marian, and The great outlaw himself: Robin Hood. Yes... I almost died last night when my sister wouldn't let me watch a third episode until I watched Signs (a creepy movie that I advise never to watch...),  I was begging her to let me but she MADE we watch that stupid move that lasted so long that I couldn't even watch the amazing third Robin Hood episode of the day because it was to late by the time the creepy Signs movie was over.... I've become a Hoodie! (along with Marissa and Morgan)

Oh yes and the great Harry Potter himself.... the books are just AMAZING!!!! J.K. Rowling is AWESOME! If you haven't ever read Harry Potter, you probably think I'm REALLY weird (which I am not, I'm just plain weird... determined by commandment #10 of the Murhershson 10 commandments) Harry Potter is the Amazing kid who has so many amazing features that I can't even list them! Harry Potter books are just great, just great.... and like the Little kid's book 'Lily and the Purple Purse' "All I could say was Wow. Just Wow."... I listened to the 1st Harry Potter book last week and now I'm reading book 2 that I read 7 chapters of yesterday, and I've read 7 1/2 chapters today. I only have 5 chapters left to read, and I plan to read them after I post this! *Evil Grin* and if I Finish the book tonight I'll be caught up to my sister that's only on the 3 book and she started a few weeks before Christmas. But my brother has far passed me up, He read all the books in only 2 months!

(I've already watched this movie even though I haven't yet watched the first one, because my brother and sister where watching it and I walked into the room to ask them a question and saw what and awesome looking movie it look like and sat down and watched the last of it... now that I've read the first book I don't have as many questions as to what was going on.... and now that I've almost read all of the 2nd book and I know what's going to happen, it's not that exciting, but the books are always better then the movie! :])

Yep, That's my life... what's yours?...

sorry if there are any miss-spellings, I'm running on 5 min. of battery power for the lap top...

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