Sore Throat?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I suggest...... (yeah, it might seem weird.... but It's the best thing I've found yet to help!) Eating Honey on a Spoon!!! Yep! It's the worst sickness season of the year and I'm taking part in it! :( Yeah I know I seem happy right? Well, I'm not I'm miserable! I totally Hate Sickness, Any sickness, ANY! Anyway, about the Honey... I've had like a super bad sore throat so my mom looked up "Sore throat" In one of her Wack-o home remedy books and found "eat a teaspoon on honey" Well, that's what I've been doing and It helps, I mean REALLY helps (although Pure honey tastes weird to me) and Everything else doesn't really seem to help! So.... If you're like me and have a sore throat... EAT HONEY! (only about once every few hours) But, if you don't like pure plain honey... try tea with honey.... that helps too. Any way... I'm super pleased with the way my makeover turned out! It makes me smile every time I see it! :)

Well, I'm pretty much over the sore throat part of this wack-o sickness thing... now My nose is running like a sink!!! *Blows Nose* Bye for now! *sniff*



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