New Beginnings

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I love blogging, and I love being a blogger. When I started blogging in 2008, it instantly became something very important to me. It was through blogging that I discovered my love for photography and writing. Being a blogger and being part of a blogging community with other girls similar to me has been largely intertwined with my life, especially in the past 3 years. The blogging community I'm part of has always been really inspiring.

But here's my problem: this blog was built around who I was 3 years ago. My blogging style, my life, and my photography style from back then is still what I use now because that's what this blog was built around. But my styles and myself as a person has changed a lot in 3 years. My blog has become a huge restriction. I don't know exactly who people that read my blog think I am, but I imagine it's tightly tied to who I once was. What I'm saying is: THIS BLOG IS NOT ME. Not exactly. In reality, I'd do things and say things on this blog differently than I'm doing and saying them now. There are a lot of expectations that come with having a blog built around something so old, you know? Meeting those expectations is extremely crippling to me creatively. Over the years I've learned to do better, bigger, and more creatively. What once took all my creativity when I began this blog, is now mindless and easy.

The smart thing to do was to make small changes over time, but instead I chose to stick to what I knew. Now, all those changes have stacked up. There are SO many changes to be made now. Changes this big need a clean slate. So I'm starting over with blogging.

yup. I made a new blog.

The new blog will be different. I can tell you that for sure. But it will be me. My writing, photography, and overall blogging styles will be different. You have absolutely no obligation to like the new site. You don't have to follow and continue being a reader. It'll be different and I'm not expecting everyone that likes NeverMind to like the new blog. Maybe none of you will, and that's okay. But if you do happen to like the new blog and the new style, awesome! let's be friends. ;)

Here's the new site:

I am ridiculously excited for this fresh start. For new things. Remember my one word for 2013? it was BURST. That's what this is about. Bursting out creatively with whatever it is that's my style, my touch, my way of doing things.

I've had so much fun with this blog and with you! I can't say thank you enough for being such an awesome reader, supporter, and encourager. This has been a fantastic experience.

I hope you're having an awesome day.

Thanks for being incredible | Megan Kristine

p.s. for those of you looking to continue being a reader of the new blog, I've switched from using blogger. There's a tab at the top called 'follow,' where you can follow via blog lovin', email, or Facebook. If you're on blogger, you can also manually add my url into your reading list on your dashboard (just click the 'add' button, the one just like the picture to the right). Have a great day!